Five Tips for Planning an Air Ambulance Flight

When a person is unable to obtain the specialized care that they need, they will become a medical tourist and travel to another country. This may require the use of an air ambulance to ensure comfort and safety during the journey. The process of planning a trip and hiring an air ambulance can seem overwhelming. The following tips will help the provider give the best possible service before and during the flight.

 Choose a Destination

Before contacting an air ambulance provider, the person should consult with their medical team to determine where the best possible care can be obtained. Aside from the necessary medical paperwork, the individual should make sure their passport is current and start the application process for any required visas well before the trip. Having all the documents in one place will help both the person and the air ambulance provider avoid any difficulties along the way.

Do Thorough Research

The choice of an air ambulance provider is just as vital as choosing the right doctor for appropriate treatment and care. Before making a commitment, the following questions should be asked:

Is the right aircraft available? The provider should have several different types of aircraft available to take individuals wherever they need to go. Make sure to confirm the size of the aircraft available and the ability to accommodate any family members or other extra passengers that may be traveling.

Will an experienced medical team travel with the person? The medical team should be based on patient’s needs and may include a respiratory therapist, a critical care nurse, or in some cases, a doctor on the flight. The aircraft should also be able to accommodate any extra specialists that are required under certain circumstances.

Have Paperwork Ready

Medical Transport Air Ambulance
The person should provide the air ambulance provider with all the necessary paperwork and medical data required for the flight. This will all support the patient in receiving the best care in the air®

All passports with Visas should be kept together in an accessible place, as they will be needed immediately upon arriving in a foreign country.

Pack the Right Items

An air medical transport carries a great deal of necessary equipment to support patients in flight. This means there is not much space available for personal luggage, and the individual will need to pack their essentials efficiently. In most cases, the person should pack comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that can be easily removed if needed. It is also a good idea to bring any products or snacks that may not be available at the destination, even if the travel is restricted to North America. A book or tablet computer will help to pass the long hours if the person is conscious.

Arrange Ground Transport

The purpose of an air ambulance is to transport a person from one place to another. While some providers will arrange ground transport for both the originating and the destination airports, the individual must ensure that this service will be available. 

The goal is to have a comfortable, seamless experience with all medical needs met from start to finish.

Traveling by air ambulance does not have to be scary or stressful. By planning carefully and following the tips above, the journey is sure to be a success.